Accessible Online Counselling

Accessible Counselling


  I am a qualified online counsellor offering support for individuals experiencing life stress, anxiety, depression or loss issues.

I am passionate about every individual having equal chances to get the most out of life and to maximise their well-being.

I have therefore launched this online counselling practice to provide  accessible counselling opportunities that can be tailored around the needs of individuals'. This practice offers online counselling via webcam, live typed messages or email. The practice is open to adults who would find using the internet the best way to access counselling support .  For more information please do not hesitate to email me at

 This website contains information about online counselling options using emails or documents,  video calls such as the webcam based encrypted service Zoom  and typed instant messages via Zoom or Vsee for counselling communications.These web pages also provide some resources to support anyone wishing to improve their psychological well-being and mental health. I have considerable experience working with individuals experiencing anxiety and depression.

If you are currently in severe distress please click visit the Online and Visual Resources page that can offer instant support.

 World Mental Health Day 2019: focus on suicide prevention

10 October 2019 ‘‘ There is no Health without Mental Health’’


The benefits of online counselling:

Our lives are increasingly being lived in an online world, whether it is communication via email or video conferencing, or use of social media as well as finding learning and work opportunities. It is therefore unsurprising that counselling using online resources such as webcam, live chat or email has developed with the rise of the online world.

I am  offering online counselling as it provides the flexibility for individuals to find a counsellor they feel comfortable working with. It enables people to access support in a way that is convenient in terms of location and timing.  Individuals can engage with a counsellor from a convenient private space, such as their own home, without the need for travel. It can also work around other commitments such as caring roles or unpredictable working hours. Online counselling also incurs slightly lower costs so this can make it a more affordable counselling option.

Online counselling can feel less threatening and stressful to start with and therefore enable you to feel safer discussing more difficult topics. It can provide the opportunity to express yourself verbally via a 1 hour weekly webcam Zoom meeting. There is also the option for text counselling. This can be using Zoom instant text messaging or other reliable text response services for a 1 hour weekly meeting. A third option is sending your thoughts and concerns via a weekly email of roughly 500- 800 words and receiving a therapeutic counselling response. This can be useful if making a set appointment would not be possible.  The text based work can be kept as a useful record for you to review and reflect upon.

In online work there is the option to share images and music quickly with your counsellor.


Other considerations

Like all forms of counselling online counselling does require a commitment of time, thought and emotions. There is a financial cost as for any professional service.

Online Counselling does also require regular reliable access to the internet and some computing skills. For example you could need to access emails and a reliable broadband connection.. If you choose email counselling this would include the ability to open documents or emails with a password protection for confidentiality. It is important to also maintain your online safety and there is some good advice at

Please also look at this very useful guide to staying safe online - aimed at empowering women but useful for everyone.

Online counselling involves exchanging personal information via the internet. It is therefore important to take precautions to protect confidential personal information. My choice includes using Kapersky Internet Security which gives a very high level of online protection and using password protected documents that I store in a Steganos Safe 19 for keeping digital documents secure and confidential.

If you are currently in severe distress please click visit the Online and Visual Resources page that can offer instant support.

If you would like more information on online counselling please visit the Association of Counselling and Therapy Online –